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A Slice of Life

There is just something so amazing to me about being able to create something that puts a smile on peoples faces, joy in their hearts and contributes to prolonging life.

Whether it's grilling, sauteing, baking or in today's world airfrying…It all puts a smile on my face. The one food that truly speaks to my soul however is Pizza! When I am making pizza everything else slows down. Life issues and stress seem to fade away while I am creating. It’s a form of meditation to me and that only increases my love for it. My passion for making pizza is countered only by my passion for helping others.

Recently while immersed in my flourly place of peace my two passions collided with this one thought. Life is like pizza. I started thinking about this more as I continued to create my pizza..

So how is life like pizza you say? I’m so glad you asked. Let’s dig into it.

I think Forest Gump said it best. " Life is like a box of Pizza." Ok, ok that was my saying but i think it still applies.

Pizza starts with creating a solid base. The dough. This dough is the foundation that supports everything else we put on it. Pizza dough or crust can be thin, thick, round or square and anything in between. A good pizza foundation allows us to add what we want to it and carries the weight of the additional toppings.

In life it’s just as important to create a strong foundation to build on. This is the building block for being able to truly become the person that you want to be. As my uncle used to say “A great pizza has to have good bread” or dough. Lol

The next step is the sauce and cheese. This can be looked at as the base ingredients that hold everything else in place. They work together and connect the foundation (dough) and toppings so they stay together. In life the sauce and cheese could be represented by the constants in your life. Such as home, family, relationships and things you hold dear. These things keep you grounded and connected to your foundation.

The cool thing about pizza is that you are in control and you decide what kind of pizza you want to make. As the cook no one else should walk into your kitchen and decide what pizza you are going to make. There are no surprises, no last minute ingredient changes and no one making it for you. In life sometimes we forget that we are in control. That we are the ones who shape and top our pizza. Too many times we let others dictate how we should live, what we should do and even what our worth is. We allow outside voices and forces to make our pizza for us and then we end up regretting it.We can find ourselves living a life that's based on someone else's' tastes and preferences. Once you take control of making your pizza it's easier to add the toppings that make you happy, the toppings that bring you joy and put a smile on your face.

Pizza and people come in all varieties. But to have the best pizza, the pizza you truly desire, you need to create it. Whether you make it yourself or order it, pizza is one of the most customizable foods. And just like in life we are usually not happy with unwanted surprises or topping on our pizza.

Well, pizza has different stages and a ton of different toppings you can choose from.It gives us the ability to create exactly what we want or need. Each topping could represent a different aspect of life — life with family, life with friends, life at school, life at work. A good foundation for pizza is a good dough and a good foundation for life is having good values and beliefs, whether that be honesty, trust or loyalty.

At the end of the day life and pizza are best experienced when created to truly fit who you are. There is no wrong way to make pizza and there is no wrong way to be true to yourself in life. And just like pizza, life is most enjoyed when it is shared.

You only need some base guidance to get started, a dream that makes you smile and dedication. Life can be pretty delicious if we slow down and top it with the ingredients we love.

I absolutely love cooking. There is just something so amazing to m e about being able to create something that puts a smile on peoples faces, jin their hearts and contributes to prolonging life. ou have topped your life pizza with.

Now ask yourself these questions:

Do they all align? Are these the life toppings that you truly love? Is this truly your pizza? What needs adjustment or realignment so that you can live your best life, so your pizza can truly be your own?

I love making pizza and I love helping others. If some of your toppings are in need of adjustment I would love to help you retop or remake your Life pizza!

Set up a free complimentary call and let's create your pizza!

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Capers Warren
Capers Warren
14 de fev. de 2022

Great pies and great blog!!

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